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From a young age, Corey’s passion for nature and music have fueled a foundation of creativity. Combined with an engineering background, Corey enjoys expressing unique creativity through work as a consultant. Using his Six-Sigma and Quality Management knowledge, Corey enjoys leading small teams through process improvement exercises and helping organizations express strategic mission, values, and vision (MVV) planning goals through website and social media presences. In 2014, Corey founded Technically Wright Consulting where he works with clients on reaching their technical goals: from simple computer repairs, to network installations, to fresh and responsive website designs. Corey has designed and launched over a dozen websites, and had a hand in maintaining and upgrading many more.

A close friend of Corey's operates a non-profit organization aimed at helping men overcome cancer. M Powerment uses behavioral psychology to create workshops and web-based exercises to help men re-focus their experience and take back their life. Corey serves on staff as M Powerment's webmaster.

Corey served over 8 years as a Technical Business Analyst and Advisor for a small Cleveland based restaurant company. As a member of the executive team for a small company, duties vary weekly, from business analytics to technical maintenance, including data security and configuration of in-store technology.

When not helping clients, Corey enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Corey spent 2 years as Lead Instructor and Classroom Coordinator for Classrooms to Corporations, a non-profit organization based in Cleveland that aims to inspire inner-city, underprivileged youth to achieve IT certification leading to employment as an alternative career path after high school. In addition to teaching students how to refurbish end-of-life equipment, Corey taught four Microsoft Technology Associate certified classes: Windows Operating System Fundamentals, Networking Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, and Windows Server Administration Fundamentals.

Corey also had the opportunity to serve as Webmaster and IT Administrator for Case Alumni Association at Case Western Reserve University for over nine years. While there, he led the organization through a massive overhaul of their entire 100+ page website. Other responsibilities include maintaining database security, enabling teleconferencing capabilities for board meetings, and web engagement & traffic analytics.

Corey has been an avid photographer and videographer for over 15 years. While most of his work in this area has been as a hobbyist, he has produced several short video projects as well as special event and portrait photography. Photography and videography knowledge pairs nicely with website projects as many clients choose to showcase photography online.

Combining photography and creativity, Corey has been a technical advisor and co-designer for many book publications; some of which incorporate his photography. This includes working with Dr. Linda Ehrlich on publications such as Good Films, Cheap Wine, Few Friends: A Memoir and Cinematic Reveries.

In his free time, Corey enjoys music and spending time outdoors. He occasionally plays guitar in his church praise band, and has spent time as a volunteer guitar instructor for local youth. Outdoor hobbies include sailing, camping, and riding his bicycle.

Corey holds a Master of Engineering and Management degree from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, as well as a dual Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the CWRU School of Engineering. Additionally, Corey has a Green Belt Certification in Six Sigma & Quality Management.


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Phone: 440.221.7839

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Recent Experience

Technically Wright Consulting

Business Consultant & Owner • 2014 - 2019

• Leading teams to develop business plans & identify MVV (Mission, Values, Vision) goals
• Defining project ambiguity
• Offering strategic solutions for new efficient system implementations – i.e. new online registration & payment systems, cloud storage/backup, FTP website for secure customer data access, etc.
• Custom website designs and implementations focused on customer engagement, retention, and ROI

Classrooms to Corporations

Lead Instructor & Logistics Coordinator • 2016 - 2018

• Engage students’ creativity to repair & refurbish end-of-life computer equipment based on Microsoft guidelines
• Process Mapping for logistics of large scale computer refurbishing/recycling – inventory, warehouse, work-in-process, finished product
• Teach students Microsoft Technology Associate curriculums to earn industry-recognized certification while in high school
• Expanding the program by training other teachers
• Instructed and engaged class sizes up to 24 students

Case Alumni Association (CWRU School of Engineering)

IT Administrator & Webmaster • 2008 - 2017

• Project Manager for website re-design project to upgrade entire website; 100+ pages in total
• Improved and sustained daily operations by maintaining 15 office computers & database troubleshooting
• Connecting alumni and students by implementing Cisco’s Webex teleconference software
• Increasing donations to CWRU by creating new online donation tools
• Engaging alumni involvement via website design and updates (hosted through Blackbaud, Inc.)